Latin American and World Percussion Instruments

Your paper must include the following sections:
1. Introduction – Include your clearly stated thesis, making evident the purpose of your
2. Background – Include a brief summary of the article and points relevant to your topic
3. Presentation – Use this section to develop your material, all of which must be in support
of your thesis
4. Conclusion – Restate your thesis and the key aspects that support your argument, making
sure your investigations aim at unambiguous, valid, and thoughtful conclusions
Your paper must include the following formal elements:
– A Title page (which includes the title of your paper, your name, my name, and the semester
– and year)
– THREE full pages of text, double-spaced (this DOES NOT include the title page)
– Times New Roman, 12-font
1-inch margins on all sides, left-justified

Your first writing assignment will be based on the article, “Latin American and World Percussion Instruments”, by Gary Cook (please see “Cook, Latin American and World Percussion Instruments” in the Articles folder on Blackboard). After reading the article, write a 3-page paper that satisfies the following:
The goal of your paper is to present an articulate thesis of your choice and a brief summary of the assigned article. Please highlight only the key aspects the author is attempting to bring to light in a clear and concise manner. Use examples from the article that support your thesis, and conclude with a summary of your ideas in the final paragraph., Latin American and World Percussion Instruments


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