Leadership styles and effectiveness

Please find attached the project proposal that you have provided it last week. Now I would like you to provide an annotated outline for the project, he outline should briefly indicate the content you plan to include in each section of the report and the concepts and techniques you plan to apply for analyzing any data and developing your argument. The outline should not include detailed sections of the Final Project. Instead, it should be a specific and crisp overview of the contents that will comprise the final report, which will provide a detailed account of the six tasks listed below.
Analysis and evaluation of Leader #1
Analysis and evaluation of Leader #2
Comparison of the leaders
Summary of significant findings and perspectives from journal entries
The annotated outline should address each of the tasks outlined above. You need to briefly describe what information you will include in each section of the report that will work to satisfying these requirements.
Please note below the summary of the journal entries that I used it during this course:
Developing leadership strategy
Leadership behavior
Contingency Model of Leadership and Psychological Empowerment
Charismatic leadership
Leadership across different culture
the importance of ethics in Leadership


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