Learning Activity #5: Managerial Finance Function Discussion

Learning Activity #5: Managerial Finance Function Discussion 
Compare and contrast the use of the managerial finance function in different firms. Select two different organizational structures and discuss at least two similarities and two differences that you would expect to see within the managerial finance function of the firm. 

Some differences to consider are: publicly traded, privately held, C-corporation, S-corporation, sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, for-profit, not-for-profit, religious organization/church, and para-religious organization. This list is not meant to be comprehensive, so you may come up with some unique organizations of your own.

Avoid choosing the same two types of organizations as a class member who has already posted their response.

While you are encouraged to do your own research, the course Resource Document provides links to available resources.

Respond to the above in the discussion forum titled Managerial Finance Function Discussion. Use the Discussion rubric provided in the syllabus to ensure you have met all the criteria.


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