Legacy statement

Every ending is a new beginning (part 1 + part 2 = max. 4 points)

This experiential assignment has two parts:
Part 1. Finding and posting a tribute to someone you respect who has passed away.
Part 2. Writing your own legacy statement (submit it either as a forum for other students to read or as a private assignment for only the professor to read). Please note that there are two separate links on the Moodle page under “Experiential Assignment 1”, one is for the online post and one for the private post – choose whichever one you prefer. You should submit your own legacy statement in just one of these places.

1. Tributes: There is something about the end of life that is inspiring. Amidst the sadness of loosing someone, there always seems to be a new light shining. Reflecting on the life and times of another person can be inspiring. With this forum, we will collect especially inspiring tributes, testaments, memorials, eulogies, and so on. The subject might be a regular person, someone famous or even infamous. After posting the tribute, either the text of it or the link to a published source, comment on why you find the tribute inspiring; in what ways might the loss of another person represent a new beginning for you?

To add a Post: Clisk the button “Add a new discussion topic” link below. Please note that when referring to a tribute written by someone else, be sure to give proper credit to the author. Simply include a paragraph or so in your own post, along with a link to the full piece. Be sure to add your own comments and analysis about the effect the tribute has on you.


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