Use the readings to evaluate the philosphical and theoretical underpinnings of ethical decision-making and compare and contrast two differing essential features or core principles of medical and behavioral ethical codes


File Baddock et al 2012.pdf (145.752 KB) File Botes 2000.pdf (462.448 KB) File Botes2 2000.pdf(656.157 KB) File Freeman (2001).pdf (12.234 MB) File Jones 2004.pdf (225.99 KB) File Lawrence and Curlin 2009.pdf (70.854 KB) File Lillemoen 2012.pdf (185.233 KB) File Richard 2010.pdf (2.373 MB) File Rolfsen 2010.pdf (459.492 KB) File Rosenbaum 2011.pdf (40.563 KB) File Sokol et al 2011.pdf (232.69KB)


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