1. Identify a Legal, Ethical, and/or Professional Dilemma relevant for integrated care settings related to one of the following topics: electronic health records, technology assisted aids, mhealth, ehealth, telemedicine, other technology concern, or a high risk dilemma (e.g.: suicidal, homicidal, malpractice, public relations concerns).

2. Identify differing professionals or ethical lenses for the dilemma to be viewed through. 

3. Write a short 1-2 page summary (not including title or reference pages) addressing the following headings: Introduction of the Dilemma, How the Dilemma is Typically Addressed, and How the Dilemma Is Handled with Shared Decision Making

Legal, Ethical, and/or Professional Case Review Rubric





Paper Structure/Writing Style

Length (not including title and reference pages)

References: Minimum of 2 references

1. Length: 1-2 pages, not including title and reference pages

2. References are integrated throughout paper to support/provide justification for student critique.

3. Cited primary sources and included course texts

4. Included title and reference page

(1 point)

One of the below is met:

1. Length: 3-4 pages

2. Integrated references with limited rationale so that literature does not clearly support student opinion. Citations consist of mostly secondary sources

3. Did not include title or reference page

(.5 point)

1. Length: More than 4 pages

2. No references

3. No title or reference page

(0 points)

APA Format

and required headings

Used required headings of:

Introduction of the Dilemma

How the Dilemma is Typically Addressed

How the Dilemma Is Handled with Shared Decision Making

Correct APA format with only 1-2 grammatical and/or spelling errors. References cited and/or reference list only contains 1-2 errors

(1 points) 

Very good attempt at APA format, with only 3-5 grammatical and/or spelling errors. References cited and/or reference list contains 3-5 errors

and/or did not use required headings

(.5 point)

Poor attempt at APA format with more than 6 grammatical errors or APA format not used; grammatical & spelling errors great enough to confuse the meaning of sentence and/or paper. References not cited in body of paper and/or no reference list (0 points) 

Paper Content

Introduction and Summary of Ethical, Legal, and/or Professional Dilemma

What of the Dilemma

Why of the Dilemma
1.Described the ethical, legal, and/or professional dilemma. .
2.Address autonomy, beneficence, nonmaleficence, and/or justice. .
3.Integrated care dilemma.

(3 points)

One of the below is met:

1. Dilemma is vague

2. Described dilemma without using ethical principles (autonomy, beneficence, nonmaleficence, and/or justice).

3. Not an integrated care dilemma.

4. Missed identifying a significant ethical, legal, or professional dilemma associated with the described case example.

(2 points)

Described without clear indication of whys and what the dilemma is.

(1 points)

How this Dilemma is Typically Addressed without shared decision making or case review

Consequences of individualized decision making in integrated care

e.g. Confidentiality, consent, legal, physical and/or emotional harm, professional, scope of practice, culture, power, financial, public relations, business concerns
1.Identified the ethical codes or principles of the professionals who are involved .
2.Describe how each different integrated care professional would handle the dilemma/ their decision making.
3.Identified alternative choices.
4.Identify the consequences to individualized decision making or non-shared review and understanding of integrated care practice ethics, professionalism, and/or legal considerations.

(6 points)

One of the below is met:
1.Described without being concise or clear. .
2.Only addressed medical or behavioral (did not address multiple types of integrated care professionals).
3.Did not address consequences.

(4 points)
1.Described in vague terms.
2.Without clear indication of how this issues is typically addressed.
3.Without understanding of consequences to non-shared decision making.

(0-3 points)

How the Dilemma is handled with shared decision making and review
1.Decision making addresses shared medical and behavioral ethical, legal, and/or professional considerations.
2.Identified how the decision reduces conflict and consequences.

(4 points)

One of below is met:
1.Lacking integrated care perspective.
2.Did not identify how decision reduces conflict or consequences.

(3 points)
1.Lacking integrated care perspective.
2.Did not identify how decision reduces conflict or consequences.

(1 points)

Total Points: ____/15 

2. Assignment Submission 

Text Submission


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