Legal Issues for school- Employment Case Analysis – ELCC Standards 3.1, 3.3, 5.2, 5.4, 6.3

You need to have this book:
LaMorte, M. (2012) School Law: Cases and concepts (10th ed.) Allyn & Bacon, Inc.
Please this project worth 40 point so please be careful and critical!
School Board Policies, as appropriate
Employment Case Analysis – Capstone Project – 40 points – – (ELCC Standards 3.1, 3.3, 5.2, 5.4, 6.3)

Students are to locate a state or federal court case that pertains to the employment of teachers
and/or support staff that was decided after 2010. Students cannot pick a case that is highlighted in the textbook. In your 8 to 10 page analysis, cover each of the following five (5) sections indicated below:
Section 1 – Viewpoints: Students understand and can model principles of self-awareness,
reflective practice, transparency, and ethical behavior as related to their roles within the district
(ELCC 5.2) by analyzing the points of view of both the plaintiff and the defendant in the case.
Section 2 – Principles of law: Students understand and can anticipate and assess emerging
trends and initiatives in order to adapt district-level leadership strategies by identifying the
principles of law that apply to the issue(s) involved in the case to include applicable case law,
legal concepts and any legal terms unique to this case.
Section 3 – Judgment: Students understand and can evaluate the potential moral and legal
consequences of decision making in a district (ELCC 5.2) by demonstrating how he/she would
rule on the case if they were the judge. Students must provide a rationale based on the principles of law they have identified.
Section 4 – Administrative actions: Students discuss and understands district management and
operational systems (ELCC 3.1) by providing three to four options the administrator could
consider to avoid this kind of litigation in the future.
Section 5 – Policy plan: Students develop a policy plan based on the best option in the
administrative actions section to promote district-level policies and procedures that protect the
welfare of students and staff across the district (ELCC 3.3). Candidates are to include policies,
memoranda, implementation procedures, sample forms, etc.
Sources are recommended:
Dunklee, Dennis (2002). The Principal’s Quick Reference Guide to School Law.
Thousand Oaks: Corwin Press
Essex, Nathan L. (2007). School law and the public schools. New York: Longman
Mahon, Patrick (2005). “School Law for Busy Administrators 1st ed.” CD. Education Law
Law-Related References on the World Wide Web
American Association of School Administrators
Find Law:
First Amendment Center:
Law News Network.Com
Lawlink: ABA Legal Research Selected Starting Points
National School Bds. Assoc.:
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Supreme Court of the United States:
U.S. Courts:
Wright’s Law: Special Education
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