Legal Issues for school- School Funding in IL

LaMorte, M. (2012) School Law: Cases and concepts (10th ed.) Allyn & Bacon, Inc

Discussion Question(s): Look up and read your state constitution. What does it say about providing a free public education? What do you think it means? Has there been a state challenge in your state as to how schools are funded? If so, what have the court’s ruled? If not, do you think a challenge would be successful – why/why not?
Highly recommended references:

The Committee for Educational Rights v. Edgar, 672 N.E. 2d 1178 (1996). Retrieved from:
Car v. Koch. (2012). IL 113414. Retrieved from:

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Law-Related References on the World Wide Web
American Association of School Administrators
Find Law:
First Amendment Center:
Law News Network.Com


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