Lenski Societies Essays

Ch 6 Lenski Societies Essays – HenslinOriginalityCheck enabled

Remember to start your essay with the actual question to be answered and then cite all of your sources.


REQUIRED: Rewrite (Copy) the question and then answer all parts (a,b,c,d) of the following question:

1a. Explain the influence of human intelligence and curiosity on the development of technology;

1b. list and describe the elements in the sequence of events (6 steps or ripple effect) in the general case as a result of technological change in societies as discussed in the Lenski handout (D2L) and class notes;

1c. then explain the general way of life of ONE (1) type of society as discussed in class using a specific example of going from one societal level to another (i.e. gathering to hunting, OR hunting to agriculture, OR agriculture to industrial, OR industrial to (post-industrial) informational – NOT ALL!); and

1d. then provide detailed examples of the five institutions in that society at that level in your example (part c) (“cultural lag”).


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