Leveraging BIM in Qatar for a sustainable low carbon future – A study in the cons

Research Title

Leveraging BIM, in Qatar, for a sustainable low carbon future – A study in the construction industry

  1. Table of Contents

List of Figures

List of Tables / Graphs / Charts

  1. Introduction (1,600) – Define Research Problem / Objectives

1.1.         Background of the study

1.2.         Industry Overview

1.3.         Research Problem

1.4.         Research Objectives

1.4.1.     BIM adaptability in Qatar

1.4.2.     Government’s concern over CO2 emissions

1.4.3.     Implementing BIM in the construction sector

1.4.4.     Recommendation to the government

1.5.         Questions (conceptual framework)

1.6.         Significance of the study

1.7.         Limitation of the study

1.8.         Organising of chapters (explain what will be described in every chapter from now                            on) – can be written last, once you have the full picture

  1. Conceptual Analysis & Literature review (3,000 words)

2.1.         Introduction

2.2.         Explain BIM

2.3.         Explain Sustainability

2.4.         What’s the association between BIM and sustainability

2.5.         Concluding remarks (literature gap between these 2 variables)

  1. Methodology (2,000 words)

3.1.         Introduction

3.2.         Conceptual framework (based on the model/s I have chosen)

3.3.         Hypothesis development (H1, H2, H3) – use literature to support the hypothesis.

3.4.         Operational definitions

3.5.         Operationalisation

3.6.         Research Design (approx. 30 variables / X, Ys – use the last 5 years, monthly based                          observations); pillars of research (qualitative, secondary data); duration; sample                                              selection and data analysis; methods used & explain why.


  1. Results, Analysis & Discussion (2,800 words)

4.1.         Introduction

4.2.         Way of preparation of database

4.3.         Bar charts / pie charts – independent variables; fluctuations; BIM | Sustainability

4.4.         Correlation between BIM & Sustainability

  1. Conclusions, Implications & Recommendations (1,300 words)

5.1.         Introduction

5.2.         Key Findings

5.3.         Conclusions

5.4.         Recommendations

5.5.         Area of Further research

  1. References
  2. Appendices (empty questionnaire – survey monkey or similar – incl. the questions – not filled in)p(40)

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