listening exercise

1. Record the news from: (a) the radio OR (b) as a podcast from a website. Ideally you need a 2-3 minute bulletin with at least 8 different news items. Make a written transcript of the broadcast.

2. Set a pre-question for your students, to prepare them for the listening session.

3. Make a list of at least 12 general topic areas, such as ‘politics’, 
‘sport’, ‘famous personalities’ etc.

4. Formulate a task for the first listening. At this stage, your students will have to identify which of the12 topics are mentioned and which are not. It is therefore important to have some distractors in your list. To make it more challenging, ask students to number them in the order in which they are mentioned.

5. For the second listening, you could use a range of question types to 
focus students on one or two sections of the news to help develop 
the skills of listening for detail.

6. Decide on ONE topic in the news recording that you think is 
interesting and make a few suggestions on how you might develop it 
with a class.

So TASK 2 is:

– record the news and transcribe it
– set a pre-question to arouse interest in the recording
– make a list of 12 general topics and set a task to practice listening for 
– write 2 different types of exercise to practise listening for detail
on one or two sections of the text avoiding very short exercises and 
questions that require difficult names or simple numbers as answers.
– suggest one way that you could extend or develop one topic in the 


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