Local government corporate governance vs. non-governmental corporate governance'


• Title/Topic page 
• Executive summary 
• Table of Contents 
1. Introduction 
2. Orientation 
3. Data collection and analysis 
4. Key findings 
5. Key implications 
6. Conclusion 
• References 
• Appendices

Please make sure you quote any page numbers in the referencing within the essay, and use a number of Australian sources. Description and analysis are vital components of/for this research project. High quality academic / informative references will need to be sourced. 

The purpose of this Project is explanatory: you provide an account of the issue, of what occurred in terms of a sequence of the events, of the factors contributing to the problem issue, of the roles of key players, and of the impact of past decisions. In order to capture multiple viewpoints and a range of information. One of the core challenges for you is to find the right balance between description and analysis. It is very important to note that description without analysis is not sufficient for this project. Therefore, a business plan, marketing plan or anything similar is not appropriate for this Project as it will not easily lend itself to the required analysis.


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