Machine safeguards

1) You will be assigned a machine for which you must design an adequate safeguard.

  1. You must be able to explain how the equipment operates and presents a hazard to the employee. (i.e. identify all potential hazards, nip points, points of operation, etc)
  2. Your safeguard design must include a description and diagram of how the safeguarding equipment will be utilized as well as a model.
  3. You must submit a list of materials, where to purchase these materials, and a cost associated with all items needed to design the safeguard.
  4. You must present a total project cost including materials and labor.
  5. You need to reference any regulations that may apply with respect to the machine guarding designs. In addition, identify all regulations that are not met with the current conditions of the machine.
  6. A list of all individual contributions and percentage of project contribution must be included on the signed memo page of the project.

Project Format:

  1. The written report should contain the following:


Table of Contents

List of Figures

List of Tables

Description of Operation (Introduction)

Identification of Hazards (include photographs)

Applicable Regulatory Elements, including non-compliance

Description of proposed design

Design Cost Summary including vender information for purchasing the equipment.


Appendices (If Applicable). p(8).

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