"Madonna Enthroned" by Cimabue and "Madonna and Child Enthroned with Saints" by Giovanni Butteri

You will choose also a work from our text and compare, contrast, and relate to two works. It can be a modern work that may have formal or contextual connections with an ancient work. Your essay will include a brief formal analysis of each work, important critical information about the artist, period, and/or style, and discussion of the subject matter and interpretation of the works.

THE THESIS STATEMENT: You will discuss and evaluate the chosen works in relation to each other and form a Statement of Thesis, or the problem that you are presenting and what you are going to prove and how you will reach a sound conclusion. The object is to persuade your reader to see these two works of art and the relationship between them as you see them. It is not a report. Here is a good thesis statement for example: “Though there are obvious differences, Polycleitus’s ‘The Spear Bearer’ is in many ways similar to Norman Rockwell’s, ‘Tea Time’ because they both present an idealized image of humans and culture.”

Both papers are to be typed in 12 pt. Times New Roman, Tahoma, Helvetica, or Arial, double-spaced. You should use MLA or Turabian citation style with no more than 20% percent of your paper can be direct quotes from your sources. The Center for Writing Excellence must review all papers. I want you to earn an A
The finished document must be sized to less than 500 KB and submitted to the eCollege Art History I drop-box.
Your paper must have:
a. Title Page
b. Thesis Paragraph with an Underlined Thesis Statement
c. Body of research proving your Thesis
d. Conclusion Paragraph
e. Bibliography listing your scholarly primary sources
f. Save your paper and name it exactly as follows:
Your Name, AH Paper 1, FA09
Example: Joe Smith, AH Paper 1, FA-13


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