main factors of creativity and three main factors of innovation

Factors of creativity and factors of innovation ( to create a framework)


  1. First this assignment is about student creating its own framework by using factors of creativity and factors of innovation
  2. You need to tell the marker why you chose to create your own framework and the reasons are:

(the student is developing its own framework because in the research paper the student is writing on creativity and innovation needed to have a theory or model that connect the two together however there is none both in previous research or textbook. So the student is creating the link between the creativity and innovation by using three main factors of creativity and three main factors of innovation to develop a framework that can link the two together)

  • Need to fine three main factors of creativity and three main factors of innovation
  • After finding three factors for each, than you put them in a diagram form to show the connection between the two ( EXAMPLE: is just like the diagram the I attached to this assignment, the diagram is my friend framework she developed by use factors of staff training practices and factors of customer satisfaction)


  • Than under the diagram  you writer the concept of the diagram, what is the diagram for and the reason for the diagram
  1. You have to discuss all the factors (define each and everyone of them with citation on it)


  1. Discuss how all this factors are linked together to create value (please show clearly how the link you develop between creativity and innovation create value in firms).

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