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Please carefully read the order instruction file that I uploaded. Answer question 2 in 2-3 pages (double-spaced, 12-point, Times New Roman font with 1” margins). You should answer the question by drawing on lecture notes and class readings. You should aim to answer each question as directly as possible and give evidence that you were in class and did the reading. In order to get an A on this part of the exam, you should refer specifically to at least two different primary sources in your essay and include a clear introductory paragraph with a clear thesis statement that indicates the argument of your essay. This essay will be graded on a letter grade scale and assigned points accordingly. An A+ will thus earn 60 points, an A 57 points, a B 51 points and so forth. This is NOT a paper. You should devote ONE HOUR MAXIMUM to answering this question. Please follow the instructions provided.—————————————-Historians depend on available evidence (textual, artistic, archaeological, etc.) to develop narratives and arguments about the past. This question will consider how the existence (or not) of evidence and the type of evidence that survives shapes the narratives we write about historical cultures.Pick two different pairs of cultures and surviving primary source evidence we read and discussed during the course of the quarter from the file that I uploaded.——————————————————————-For each primary source, devote at least one paragraph to describing the nature of each primary source (its genre, its purpose, its content, etc.). Then, write at least one paragraph discussing what we know about the culture that produced the primary source (draw on class lecture here). Do this for each primary source. Devote at least one closing paragraph to answer the question: Based on the two examples you chose, how does the type of surviving source evidence shape historians’ writing of history?


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