Management Accounting , Inventory Valuation Methods

prepare an academic essay which considers the differences between a management accountant’s and a financial accountant’s view of inventory and inventory valuation. This should consider why inventory and inventory valuation is so important to each.
other instructions :
Harvard referencing must be followed
using books sources and the books are :
1- COLIN DRURY, Management Accounting for business , 8th edition
2- WILL SEAL , Management Accounting , fifth edition
3- ROGER STOREY, Introduction to Cost and Management Accounting.
I need 550 words exactly for this essay , count of words should be 550 without considering citations and reference list words .

It’s fine to use other books , but it should be from De Montfort University’s library database

This is the link of Montfort University’ library

And here are my information to get access for library database

Username: p14129232
Password: qw192837



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