Management Practice in Industry & Self Reflection as a Potential Manager

Management Practice in Industry & Self Reflection as a Potential Manager

1.    Part one: A report style 2,500 Words
You should take one organisation or two from the Tourism sector – for example Thomas Cook, or Easyjet etc. – and examine and critically appraise how they are using these two management theories and applying them into practice within their organization.
1.    Marketing
2.    Customer Service
Find Attached PDF’s to help with each one of these:
1 Marketing and Sales.pdf
2 Customer Service.pdf
Provide examples of these practices within the organizations you have chosen. You should use referencing throw-out the report.
At the end of this section you have to provide specific recommendations to the aspects you have written about for the organization you have chosen.

1.    Executive Summary
2.    Contents Page
3.    Introduction
4.    Main discussion
5.    Conclusion and recommendation

2.    Part Two: A reflective essay 1,000 Words
See attached PDF’s: 3 Reflective Learning & Management_Practice.pdf
4 You as a Manager – Understanding Management Theory.pdf

Choose an industry, preferably tourism related one, and reflect upon it as a manager.
You should critically discuss and evaluate your strengths, weaknesses, experience and areas of development needs in the context of the specific requirements of the industry.
An essay style with these sections
•    Reflection: Here you write about you and how you see things like your strengths and weaknesses.

•    Analysis: Here you should answer what is happening? Why it happened? What assumptions I have made, and what this does show about my believes in myself. And what were the other ways of looking at what happened.

•    Actions: What actions you would take after the analysis. What action I can take? How can I learn from what happened? And how I will deal with it if it happened again? What does the experience tells me about my believes in myself?
Consider these points while writing the reflection part
1.    Strengths
2.    Weaknesses
3.    Experience you have
4.    Areas needs developing
You should use referencing throw-out the reflection essay.

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