Management theorists

Students will be required to compare and contrast this theorist from two other management theorists (either historical or
contemporary). This means a total of three management theorists will be examined for the case study. Students are encouraged to
discuss their choice of theorists with the Lecturer-in-Charge. The approval of the Lecturer-in-Charge regarding the theorists chosen
for this study must be obtained before the study is undertaken. A written report comprising a contribution of approximately 2,000
words per group member must be lodged electronically via Turn It In on the subject’s Moodle Page.
Project Requirements
• Present short biographical information about a noted Management Theorist that you have studied in class.
• Present details about that person’s Management Theory
o What were the influences that may have contributed to the development of that Management Theory?
• Compare and contrast that theory with two other Management Theories
• Are any of the three theories you are researching useful in organisations today?
• Explain with reference to at least two organisational examples.
Examples of Management Theorists.
• Chester Barnard
• Mary Parker Follett
• Henri Fayol
• Frank and Lillian Gilbreth
• Elton Mayo
• Henry Mintzberg
• Frederick W Taylor
• Max Weber
Example of an Important Management Study
• The Hawthorne Studies


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