Managerial communications

This project related to a previous order under the name (midterm project) and i’d like the same writer because it would have the same style to the previous midterm and this one is the final project.


Final Project:

Whereas the midterm asked you to be reactive to a problem or deficiency in communication as related to some aspect of organizational life, the final project asks you to be proactive and creative in redesigning communication with an aspect of the organization’s external environment.

This environment can include:

  • Patients, clients, or other service recipients
  • Collaborating organizations
  • Citizens or other constituents
  • Other stakeholders as appropriate

This redesigned communication plan should be based in the mission and functions of the organization, and should be realistic in terms of implementation.

This paper should briefly discuss the organization’s mission and function, considerations of appropriate communication with the focal aspect of the environment given that mission, an ideal set of communication practices with stakeholders (including attention to methods, frequency, and other concrete details), and possible difficulties with implementing this plan.

The final project will be graded based on analytical strength (clarity and depth of arguments), use of course material (how assigned readings are used to make key points and support your assertions), and stylistic considerations (quality of writing, grammar and spelling, adherence to APA Style guidelines, etc.)

This project should include a cover page, between 7-8 full pages of text (2200-2500 words), and a list of references.


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