Managing Customer Responsiveness at Littlefield Technologies

The deliverables of this assignment are:
1- a 7 day game to play (Instructions uploaded)
2- a reflection paper to write after the game ends. The reflection paper should be about your experience in the game. (Template is uploaded) Please follow the template

Please access this link

Team ID: harboreast
Password: harboreast12345

You are required to login everyday to make sure that the objectives of the game (Your goal is to maximize the profit of Littlefield) are being met DAILY for 7 days.
You may view the layout of the website, where the game will take place on Saturday 11/21/2015. The game will continue till 11/28/2015.
Also, there is important information to view on the website before the game starts. For example, a flow diagram is available when signing in, as well as, Cash information, Overall Standing information, History information, Cash balance, Team name, and Current Day.

This game is a multiplayer type of game, meaning, our team (HarborEast) will play against all the other teams from class.

Please Read the uploads (very important):
1-Instructions of the game
2-Instructions (Template) of the reflection paper


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