Managing responsibility in a global environment

Sections in your paper should include:
1. Introduction of the media event you have chosen. This section should identify what event you will be discussing, how it relates to course topics and what your paper will address.
2. Summarize the event. This section should highlight your familiarity with the event you have chosen and the responses by key actors. Include an overview of the key stakeholders and their responses to the situation. To avoid bias, this section should include multiple sources.
3. Analyze the response by the main/key actors involved in the media event you have chosen. Analyzing the response should include how the situation was handled and how it relates to the crisis management process. A good response sufficiently relates and discusses the ethical issue highlighted in the media to the steps of crisis management.
4. Assessment of the company response based on what was presented in the previous section. Did the company handle the event appropriately? Could/should they have done something different? If so, what?
5. Conclusion
6. References in APA formatting (a minimum of five references are required for this assignment)

Specific Requirements:
• The media event must have taken place during the time of the course
• It should be a minimum of 10 pages and a maximum of 15 pages double spaced (excluding cover page, tables, appendices and references)
• Papers that are less than 10 pages will be returned to you unmarked

Paper Formatting:
• Include a title page including paper title, first and last name, date, class and section
• Use either Arial 11pt font OR Times New Roman 12pt font (and yes, I can tell when you have changed them!)
• Use standard page margins
• Include your first and last name and page number in the footer of each page


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