man’s relationship to others in society, politics, religion, and business.

Using Sociological Approach: This approach focuses on man’s relationship to others in society, politics, religion, and business.

For your final paper, you will pick at one (or more) of the questions below and answer them; use support from the Saunders story and the novel, Stoner, any outside research as support. 5 to 7 pages MLA

A. What is the relationship between the characters and their society?

B. Does the story address societal issues, such as race, gender, and class?

C. How do social forces shape the power relationships between groups or classes of people in the story? Who has the power, and who doesn’t? Why?

D. How does the story reflect the Great American Dream?

E. How does the story reflect urban, rural, or suburban values?

F. What does the work say about economic or social power? Who has it and who doesn’t?

G. Does the story address issues of economic exploitation? What role does money play?

H. How do economic conditions determine the direction of the characters’ lives?

I. Does the work challenge or affirm the social order it depicts?

J. Can the protagonist’s struggle be seen as symbolic of a larger class struggle?

How does the microcosm (small world) of the story reflect the macrocosm (large world) of the society in which it was composed?


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