Market Research

1-Create a new document called “Market Research” (MR). Make the title a Heading Level 2. See below for an explanation of and a link to a good description of Market Research.

2-Search the internet for at least 3 sites for your business topic (not using Google; this is to gain experience with alternate search engines).
Document (in a footnote) the search engine used.
Also, use at least two of the databases demonstrated by Lizzie Brown, guest lecturer.

3-Put at least 1 screen shot per site (so at least 3 total) in your MR document – these screen captures must be related to your market research and business development.

4- Summarize the information from these sites and add the summaries to your document. ( 100+ words per site)

5-Reference each source using endnotes.

6-Take quotes from the sites, place them in your document, and place the references for them in endnotes. This is in addition to the 100+ word summaries from step 5.

7-Add to the document observations you have about what you first wrote (in your document from Lab 3) contrasted with what you found in your research for this lab. Add a conclusion about your observations.


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