Marketing Management

Marketing Management

You have been appointed the Head of Apple Inc’s marketing team that will launch its latest product in
the United Arab Emirates: iTime. iTime is Apple’s latest product a Bluetooth-equipped smart
wristwatch that can connect to an iPhone. Apart from being a sleek attractive time-keeping device,
iTime will allow consumers to ‘pull’ e-mails, Twitter posts and other pieces of text to a two-inchsquare
screen. It is an innovative watch that can play music and display text, the weather and other
information from an iPhone. It also offers tracking of its wearer’s physical activities and measures the
energy they exert on a daily basis and sends it to an iPhone application.
You have been asked to write a Report that addresses the following topics:
Segmentation and Target Marketing: (no more than 400 words)
1. Identify and evaluate the attractiveness of the target market segment for iTime consumers.
Competitive Analysis and Positioning: (no more than 600 words)
2. Conduct research into the existing direct and indirect competitors for iTime. Examine
competitor’s pricing. Propose how Apple Inc could differentiate iTime from competition.
Distribution Strategy: (no more than 400 words)
3. Considering your response for Question 2, conduct research into the channels of distribution
available to Apple for supplying iTime to buyers in the UAE. Recommend a distribution
strategy that is exclusive, selective or intensive and justify your stance.
Integrated Marketing Communications Plan: (no more than 600 words)
4. Develop an IMC plan for iTime’s introduction into the UAE market. Suggest communications
objectives for the initial launch. Recommend the appropriate communications tools that iTime
should use during the first year of market launch to achieve these objectives.


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