Marshall v. Barlow and Dow v. U.S.

Marshall v. Barlow and Dow v. U.S.

You will be assigned to write an essay analyzing, justifying, and harmonizing the results of Marshall v. Barlow and Dow v. U.S.
Respond to all of the following elements:
• Briefly describe the facts of each case, including any constitutional, statutory, and/or regulatory issues raised in each case. (1-2)
• Discuss the factual and legal similarities of each case and then discuss their factual and legal differences (1-2 pages)
• Describe the precedent set by the oldest case and how or whether it has been impacted by the decision in the later court decision.
• Do you agree with the outcomes of either or both of these cases? Explain why or why not.
• Write a brief explanation (1-2 pages) explaining to the general public why these two cases may seem similar but the court’s decision in each case was justifiable and consistent in its judicial logic.


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