Materials Science and Engineering

Select an example where neural network model(s) have been used in Materials Science and Engineering. For your chosen example, explain the scientific problem, and illustrate why the neural network has been used for the application, and what benefits (if any) have resulted from its use over other possible modelling methodologies.
Include in your answer careful reference to the journal paper(s), or other sources, which you use to find your example. Please also remember that any illustrations from the literature should also be referenced.
You should write a maximum of 2 sides of A4 for your example (including diagrams) and therefore answers should be presented clearly and concisely. Any additional material in excess of this limit will not be considered!
Marking Scheme
10 Description of the scientific problem
10 Explanation of why the neural network has been used for the application
10 What benefits (if any) have resulted from its use over other modelling methodologies
5 Evidence of research / referencing
35 Total Marks Available


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