Maternity care

using microsoft word. The text font use “Times New Roman or Ariel” font size 12. must support this assignment with at least 15 references. please ensure that about plagiarism.
Title of Assignment: Discuss the role of the nurse in educating and in fostering healthy life style during the antenatal period.
guidelines: introduction: introduce the assignment, outlining the areas that you will address. 1- body one: define key words “pregnancy”, “Health education”, “antenatal care”, “healthy life style”. 2- body two: from the literature discuss the life choices that have either a positive or negative effect on the pregnant women and her baby. 3- body three: Appraise the importance of good health during pregnancy and its benefits for the women, her unborn baby and the wider family. 4- body four: identify and discuss the role of the nurse in fostering healthy life style during the antenatal period. 5- body five: Analyse the potential barriers to health education in pregnancy and outline how the nurse can help the women to make changes where needed. 6- body six: identify and briefly evaluate the various strategies used by the nurse to deliver information and the importance of referral to the other members of the multi-disciplinary team when needed.
conclusion: provide a conclusion to your assignment, this should capture the main point and make a judgment on the keys thoughts presented.


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