MBA_ Project Thesis proposal

topic: Effect of motivation on employee productivity

Associated higher education awards:
Master of Business Administration
Pre requisites and presumed knowledge:

Before beginning the Project, you must complete the core subjects. In addition, if you are undertaking an MBA specialisation, you must first complete the subjects in that specialisation or undertake them at the same time as the Project.

This subject focuses on designing, conducting and reporting findings from a business research project. The objective of this subject is to undertake a project related to the chosen specialisation. Students will identify an appropriate workplace-based research problem, conduct a small literature review, engage in data collection in the workplace setting, analyse the data and present findings in a formal business research report. 

Project Purpose
For this subject, you are required to undertake a research project which addresses an issue of strategic or functional importance to your organisation (or to another organisation of your choice or to a newly forming organisation). You will use knowledge of a research method to investigate a problem issue and to identify potential solutions or improvements for the organisation. 

The purpose of your Project is explanatory: you provide an account of the issue, of what occurred in terms of a sequence of the events, of the factors contributing to the problem issue, of the roles of key players, and of the impact of past decisions. In order to capture multiple viewpoints and a range of information, you will probably interview relevant individuals in a process of reflection and analysis. The outcome of your analysis should help you identify recommendations to solve or improve the problem issue.

Description without analysis will be insufficient for this Project
One of the core challenges for you is to find the right balance between description and analysis. It is very important to note that description without analysis is not sufficient for this project. Therefore, a business plan, marketing plan or anything similar is not appropriate for your Project as it will not easily lend itself to the required analysis.

For information on the learning outcomes, course content, resources and assignment, please refer to the subject overview.

For any other information, please refer to the Student Handbook.


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