Media and Cinema Studies

Your analysis should be between 275 ~ 350 words and provide an answer to the prompt that engages the concepts cumulatively up to that chapter in the etext. [We are not asking for personal opinions. We are asking for analytical exercises using the Media Studies concepts provided in the etext]. Please write and save your analysis in a Microsoft Word document before submitting it through Compass. You will have to upload your assignment to Compass as a .doc/.docx file in Times New Roman, 12pt, double-spaced and with 1 inch margins. This ensures you have a record of what you’ve written in the event your online connection is interrupted.


Find two recent news articles that discuss an example media industry concentration and answer the following questions:

1. Which companies were involved?
2. What elements of the process (production, distribution, exhibition, etc.) were merged?
3. Is this an example of horizontal and/or vertical integration?
4. What effects might this merger have on democratic goals?
5. Were labor issues discussed in the articles? If so how did they add to our understanding? If not what could labor issues have added to our understanding of these mergers?

Please use this website to find reference (required)

Suggestions: 1. Facebook bought Instagram 2. Angry birds Maker Acquires Futuremark games studio

It’s 350 words essay but I have 275 words limit so please focus on the answer questions part. I will working on the intro and conclusion part.
Thank you.


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