Find bellow the Rubric of the assignment.
Media Watch Assignment -5%
Over the course of the semester you will watch media to identify a policy issue. For example, you can watch a talk show with a public policy focus, watch c-span for an hour, listen to National Public Radio or read three articles in print media such as New York Times, magazine, newspapers, journals, or online blogs. Then you will write a one-page, single spaced critique. You will follow professional writing guidelines using APA 6.0, and write in the third person. Consider such things as the expertise of the participants/writer, the extent to which different points of view were presented, some underlying assumptions that were apparent, the depth of the discussion, what did you learn, and your perspective on the topic and WHY.
Please use the following citations to do the assignment.
Florida House votes down #Medicaid expansion compromise. (n.d.). Retrieved January 26, 2016, from

(n.d.). Retrieved January 26, 2016, from

Florida Chain News (2015) Retrieved from


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