Men and women's in jobs

“Despite increasing effort to lift barriers to men and women’s participation in jobs
deemed to be suitable for the ‘other’, with the introduction of new job roles in each
domain for example, gender stratification by occupation still persists as professions 
are frequently categorized by society as suitable for one gender or another.” 
(McDowell, 2015 p273)

Critically evaluate the above statement considering the current roles of men and women at work and likely future work roles of men and women in the UK. Use appropriate evidence and examples to support your answer.

The essay will be assessed in relation to relevance, evidence and structure/presentation.

Your answer should be in essay format.

Tutor referral will apply to this assessment component. Tutor – referred work must be resubmitted on the date advised in your feedback.

The essay is assessed on the following three areas:

Relevance- the discussion must be relevant to the question set based on the key topics covered in lessons. Description should be avoided, instead critically evaluating the material content. The answer should relate back to the question and the quote.

Evidence – independent research should be undertaken to support the work. A wide variety of academic materials is recommended including textbooks, journal articles and reliable websites all of which should be accurately referenced. Recommended reading lists are available in the handbook but original, relevant research will be recognised. 

Structure and Presentation- An appropriate essay format should be used. References must use the APA 6th referencing system. Consideration will also be given to how clearly the discussion is structured. Please make an appointment with the Academic Skills Tutors for any additional help needed with essay writing and referencing. 

Pay close attention to the Assessment and Grading Criteria at the end of this document. These criteria will be used to provide feedback on your marked assignment.

Word Limit: 3,000 words work exceeding this limit will receive a 5 mark penalty,

Referencing your work: 

The University standard referencing system is APA 6th style. 

It is essential that you reference all material that you use within your essay whether it is a direct quote or you have used the source to support your discussion. Referencing correctly will avoid plagiarism which has serious penalties and it also demonstrates that you have read widely to support your work. This essay should be based on researched academic material which requires referencing.

Your work will graded accordingly to the following 
Requirement: i will attach paper for that point

The essay will be assessed in relation to relevance, evidence and structure/presentation.

Inaccurate discussion of the roles of men and women in the workplace and reasons for the differences demonstrating a lack of understanding. Work is descriptive.
The basic relationship between the roles of men and women in the workplace and reasons for the differences is demonstrated. 
Work is descriptive.
The relationship between men and women in the workplace and reasons for the differences is understood but the complex nature is not appreciated. 

Work is descriptive with an attempt at critical valuation. A good understanding of the relationship between men and women in the workplace and reasons for the differences, appreciating its complex nature. 
The work is critically evaluative Excellent understanding and critical evaluation of the relationship between men and women in the workplace and reasons for these differences, demonstrating the complex nature of it. 
Detailed discussion and examples to support accurate conclusions on the essay.

Evidence – varied academic research should be used to support the discussion including journal articles, textbooks and reliable internet sites.

Reliance on lecture notes and lack of academic evidence to support the discussion. Research has been undertaken but is limited in breadth. Mainly reliant on textbooks/ internet sites. Research includes journal articles, textbooks and internet sites recommended on the reading list.
Research is academically based and appropriate examples used. A limited amount of original material included.
Extensive reading and original research to support the discussion. 
Numerous relevant and academic examples researched to support the discussion, 
Structure and presentation Weak structure and not in essay format. Poor presentation and referencing not using the APA 6th system.
Essay format should be used but may not be accurate. Presentation should be satisfactory. Attempt made to reference using the APA 6th system but may not be accurate.
Essay format used and satisfactory presentation. Bibliography/ referencing used but may contain errors. Essay format used and a good standard of presentation. 
Bibliography/ referencing should be accurate using the APA 6th system but may contain minor errors. Essay format used with discussion being logically developed. 
High standard of presentation and accurate bibliography/ referencing using the APA 6th system.


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