methadone//suspicious death/ sexual abuse

methadone//suspicious death/ sexual abuse

A.part 1- ( Reflecting case study)discuss the risks and benifts of precribing methadone in the custodial setting- 1000 wards.
B. Part 2- (reflective case study)-
John is a man of his fifties. He has long history of anxiety and depression. His wife sudeenly died of heart attack 6 months ago. He has two teenage sons. Following all the recent pubilicity in the press, he is trying to decide whether or not he should go to the police as he was sexually abused when he was 13 years old by a man who is now well known celebrity.
WWhat forensic legal and medical factors would you raise with John to assist him in making a decision as to what to do? 1000 words.
C. part 3- Eassy
Critically evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the different technique and discipilines used to at a sence of suspicious death- 3000 words

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