Millard Reading Analysis

Complete this assignment after reading the assigned portion of Candice Millard’s Novel, The Destiny of the Republic, as demonstrated in the example on the course homepage.

This is an ANALYSIS of the reading, not a summary of it. I expect to find a thoughtful discussion of the material that we’ve covered up to this point. If you have read beyond the assigned pages, please restrict your discussion to the assigned portion.

Assignment Instructions: 

Consider the depiction of President Garfield to this point in the novel, and compare and contrast his virtues and vices with those of another character. You might choose one or two scenes from the story to demonstrate Garfield’s temperament, and do the same for the peripheral character. How are they similar and how are they different? What accounts for these differences and similarities? How is the depiction of each character’s virtues and vices amplified through a comparison to the other? In short, what can readers understand about each character’s personality, what accounts for his or her termperment, and how can readers better understand each character by analyzing both?

Formatting Requirement:

Essays must use MLA formatting, including 1 inch margins, creative titles, and course identifying information. See the sample MLA Format essay on the course homepage for specific details. 

Citation Examples:

Helen explains, “We lived in a quiet, semirural Midwestern town…What mattered most was that the cracks that came with a family were neatly covered up” (Mengestu 11).

Helen describes herself through her mother’s eyes: “When I met Isaac, I was almost what my mother would have called, ‘a woman of a certain age’” (Mengestu 11).

Submission Requirements:

Essays may be submitted online before class begins or in class on the due date. Online submissions must be attached as DOC, DOCX, RTF, or PDF documents. No late submissions will be accepted.


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