Modern IS innovations impacting

paper instraction Class project / Paper: During the semester you will work a continuous project utilizing the IS skills
you acquire. For this assignment, you are asked to research a modern IS innovations impacting
businesses today. The topic should be suitable for 9-10 page paper. You will need a minimum of 7
sources. You may not use your textbook or Wikipedia for one of these 4 sources. Topic ideas to
choose from could include: Cloud Technologies, Mobility, Big Data, Virtualization in the Data
Center, Business Intelligence, current struggling business model with minimal IS capabilities etc.
i need 7 source or 7 citation in worked cited.
my topic (Microsoft company).

if you need the textbook class is ( Laudon & Laudon, (2014). Management Information Systems, 13th ed. Pearson
ISBN-13: 978-0-13-305069-1 .
my topic about microsoft company


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