Molten carbonate fuel cell

A study about molten carbonate fuel cell
To be able to understand the working principles of
both batteries and fuel cells.
– To be able to make calculations of cell voltages and
cell efficiencies.
– To understand that electrochemistry is just a branch of
– To be able to compare and contrast performances of
fuel cells.
– To be able to look up resources independently for
critical evaluation.
– To be able to find and use correctly tables of
thermodynamic data.
– To be able to write a report to a high technical
You will have to compare the efficiencies of each of the fuel cells and also calculate the cell voltages achievable.
Based on these parameters and other factors such as operating temperature, harmful products etc
In order to calculate efficiencies and cell potentials one must first calculate enthalpies of reaction, entropies and then Gibbs free energy of the reaction. One can then compute the cell voltage. In order to then see the effect of concentration of reactants/products on this cell
voltage, the Nernst Equation should be used. Finally the efficiency can be worked out from a simple ratio: This should be done for a number of different fuel cell systems such as Oxygen/hyrdrogen and Direct Methanol Fuel Cell.


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