Mongolian Music

Mongolian Music

1.    Topic choice and summary is due July 5th, so start right away thinking about this. Assignments should help you form ideas, analysis and content of final paper.
2.    Choose a music or performer that interests you, that you’ve performed, that represents your family or community, or that you’d like to know more about.
3.    The music and/or performer must related to the analysis we’re doing in the class.
4.    If a performer, you must discuss the music (sound), their “style” (sound), the setting (use and function) not concert setting and/or entertainment. And the social, religious, political, personal significance of the music
5.    In particular, you must trace the ROOTS of the music to its ethnic, indigenous origins. If an ethnic traditions, discuss how it might have changed to do social/political forces, immigration, the music industry, etc.
6.    Write up a summary identifying your choice and how you plan to do research, listen, and analyze.

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