Movie Analysis

Learning Objective(s)

  1. Understand how race, class, and gender are socially constructed by the media
  2. Understand intersectionality as a theory and its implications
  3. Analyze how power and privilege are related to media representation and stereotyping
  4. Evaluate what effects images may have, and what sense audiences make of them


Learning Activity


Movie Review: Reel to Real


  • Review only one of the films listed in the Movie Review folder. Analyze the film in 3-5 pages.
  • Create a title page. The title should be interesting and informative. It should also include your name, class subject, and date.
  • Briefly (no more than two paragraphs) summarize the film. A summary is not an encapsulation of the entire plot.
  • Next, provide a critical review of one or two major points of the film.
Intersectionality ·        How are race, class, and gender portrayed in the film?

·        Select at least two categories.

Social Institutions ·        How do race, class, and gender play out in the social institution focused in the film?

·        Research if this depiction is a “true” portrayal of our society using two scholarly resources (e.g. books, journals, websites using .edu and .gov are acceptable).

Privilege and Oppression ·        How is privilege and oppression demonstrated in the film?

·        Who has power and who doesn’t?

Reading ·        Justify your reading of the film.

·        Are you taking a dominant, oppositional, or negotiated position?

Personal Reflection ·        Select one category of privilege and one category of oppression that applies to you

·        Reflect on how the intersection of these categories play out in the social institution in “real life.”


  • Your work will be graded on the basis of how well you can defend your position using evidence and how well you can communicate that position, not on the position itself.




Activity Appropriateness
Appropriateness for Learners and Objective:


The activity builds upon previous activities and lessons, in which the students learned what intersectionality is as a theory and its implication. Students will evaluate how media affect their personal lives and the lives of others in our society. Students will examine how film portrays socially defined groups and reflect if this is an accurate portrayal. Students will demonstrate media literacy skills by justifying their readings of the film


Appropriateness for the technology:


A variety of films will be available to stream on K-State Online. Films not listed will require instructor’s approval. The template with rubric for the film analysis assignment is available in Module 3. An explanation of the assignment is also available in Module 3. Students can receive help about the assignment by contacting the instructor by email or in video office hours using Zoom. Students will turn in their assignment in the appropriate drop box on KSOL.


Students can access technical support at:
IT Help Desk

Kansas State University

214 Hale Library

Manhattan, KS 66506


800-865-6143 (toll-free)
















Assessment Tool and Procedure


Movie Review Grading Rubric


Title page 0- No title page 3- Incomplete title page 5- All required components are included
Summary 0-Summary is not included 5- Summary is too long and/or summary does not illustrate the theme of the film 10- Summary is concisely articulated and illustrates the theme of the film
Critical review 10- One to two requirements are included 20- three to four requirements are included 30-All required components are included
Grammar, spelling, organization, in-text citations, and reference page (APA style) 0- More than five errors are apparent 3- Three-five errors are apparent 5- Editing not needed. No major corrections needed
Total 50 points


Students’ work will be graded on the basis of how they can defend their positions using evidence and how well they can communicate that position, not on the position itself. To receive full credit, each requirement must be incorporated correctly. Students will receive feedback with suggestions on how to articulate their position more clearly. Inaccuracies will be corrected with suggestions for personal research on the topic. Students’ success will also be recognized.




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