Movie Critique- Contagion

GPH713 Infectious Disease Epidemiology

Written Assignment #2

Topic: Outbreak Investigation




  1. Watch the movie Contagion.
  2. Describe how the outbreak in the movie was investigated by completing the table below.
  3. Provide answers to the short answer questions below.


Outbreak Investigation Step  
1.       Define the purpose of the investigation. What was the purpose of the investigation?  


2.       Establish the Existence of the epidemic. How was the existence of the epidemic established?  


3.       Develop a case definition. What was/were the case definitions?  


4.       If laboratory methods are available confirm the diagnosis. How was the laboratory involved?  
5.       Find cases and describe them by person, place, and time. Who, where, and when were cases?  
6.       Implement control and prevention efforts. What were the control and prevention efforts?  


Short Answer Questions

  1. What did the movie do well in portraying an outbreak investigation? Why? No more than 400 words


  1. What did the movie not do well in portraying an outbreak investigation? Why? What are your recommendations to improve it? No more than 600 words.



  1. Describe the surveillance system used in the outbreak. No more than 400 words.p(2)

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