MRI principles essay///////and MRI Aplication essay

Essay title:


Discuss the influence of gradient performance, pulse sequence and receiver coil design on image quality and patient safety in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)




Word limit:                               3,000 words ± 10% in total (maximum 3,300 words)




Learning outcomes:


Successful students will typically…


  1. demonstrate a critical awareness of the historical background to and current status of the science and technology of MRI
  2. have a comprehensive understanding of the factors, procedures and guidance which govern safe practice, clinical care and image quality optimisation in MRI
  3. understand the complex relationships between human tissue type, scan sequence and image signal characteristics in MRI
  4. flexibly and creatively apply science principles in order to enhance MRI scan quality, patient safety and clinical diagnosis
  5. independently evaluate MRI scanning techniques and resultant images, in order to generate transformative solutions to clinical problems




You will need to read widely and to reference your essay fully. See the School guidelines to referencing 2015/16. You should use journal articles as well as textbooks. Use a reference list. A bibliography is not needed. There is no word count for the reference list, images or diagrams. You are advised to make use of MR images to illustrate your discussion. You should use an essay writing style. Appendices will not be expected.


25 to 30 references


Please stick to the above nober of references (25)


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