New resource discoveries and changes to bulk trade routes ((Copper in Mongolia))

Unit Title: Transport Geography

Assessment Title: Maritime ((New resource discoveries and changes to bulk trade routes)) Copper in Mongolia
Assessment Type: Report
Restrictions on Time/Length : 1500

Maritime transport routes for the bulk trades are determined by physical location and distribution of natural resources linked with supply and demand for commodities. The reasons for a resources location are as a result of geology. As global exploration continues and new discoveries are made bulk transport routes will need to change as a response.
Your task is to write a report which examines the possible changes to trade routes that may take place as a result of a new source of a bulk commodity entering the market. You should identify and describe a recent discovery and potential new source of a commodity. This should include a brief explanation of the geographic location and why the resource is found there (geologically). You should then identify the current major trade routes for the sector of the bulk transport market which your resource belongs to and identify the potential impact of this new location on the existing routes.

You should include figures (maps and images) to help illustrate your findings.
Assessed elements (see attached for grading criteria)
Structure and presentation; Spelling and grammar; Referencing; Technical content; Evidence of research 

(((Report Format)))
The report should be word processed in size 12 font, line spacing 1.5. 
The following should be included:
Title page
Contents page (including a list of figures and tables)
Reference list.


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