Critique this week’s choice of each of three interactive items and then judge them across Nielsen’s weekly heuristic. This week’s focus is on NIELSEN’S USER CONTROL AND FREEDOM.
Choose one device, one app, and one Web site. You write about the device, the app and the website. Then focus on ONLY ONE out of the three interactive items and detail how cognitive and affective design aspects relate to its design. Explain why you believe that this particular interactive device, application, or website is more user-centric than the other two. Use specific examples from the textbook, usability sites, and e-books in order to support your findings. References and citations are required to be in proper APA formatting
The paper should be approximately 2 to 3 pages with a separate reference page. The paper should incorporate the following five headers in the following order. The headers directly match the grading criteria in the assignment scoring guide.
• [Name of Device] and Nielsen’s Heuristic of User Control and Freedom.
• [Name of Application] and Nielsen’s Heuristic of User Control and Freedom.
• [Name of Website] and Nielsen’s Heuristic of User Control and Freedom.
• [Name of Chosen Interactive Item] and its Cognitive and Affective Properties.
• [Name of Chosen Interactive Item] and its User-Centric Design Strengths.


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