NMIH208 Mental Health Nursing

Assessment 1: Written Assignment – Essay

Assignment Instructions:

The historical care and treatment of people with a mental illness has provided strong evidence to underpin the need for less paternalistic, more inclusive models of care. The recovery movement has driven the necessary revisioning of mental health care service delivery on a worldwide scale. The empowerment and inclusion of consumers and carers in care planning and treatment is the foundation of the recovery movement. This shift has been reflected at all levels of service planning and care delivery and also within the legislation that governs the care, treatment and control of people who are mentally ill or disordered (NSW Mental Health Act 2007).

Assignment questions:

This assignment is organised within 4 parts:

Part a) requires you to describe the provisions for involvement of family and nominated carers in mental health treatment within the NSW Mental Health Act 2007 .

Part b) requires you to review a variety of literature and discuss the meaning of recovery within the context of mental health.

Part c) requires you to discuss nurses’ inclusion of consumers in planning their mental health care and treatment and how this participation has changed with the advent of the recovery movement.

In part d) describe how the active participation of consumers and nominated carers in planning care and treatment contributes to a person’s recovery in a mental health context.

Finally, write a short conclusion that analyses and synthesises your discussion of the above areas with the implications for nurses across all areas of nursing practice.

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