You will be required to use databases to locate a minimum of 10 secondary literature sources that closely relate to the nursing issue allocated below 
Acceptable sources include: 
• systematic literature reviews, i.e. Cochrane review 
• practice guidelines 
• clinical protocol or guideline 
• government report 
• position paper or guideline from a reliable web-based resource 

You will be required to construct a CPI report using the supplied template (the template – which includes the marking rubric – is attached to the end of this letter FYI). In order to pass the supplementary you need to successfully address each of the criteria outlined on the marking rubric. The template and rubric are also available to download as a single word document on FLO next to the assignment drop box. 
Individual and/or system issues that can reduce or prevent medication errors by nurses in the acute care setting. 

Dear writer,its not rssay but its project. I have attached 4 files one of them is named BAD PROJECT ASSIGNMENT which was written by one of the superior’s writers HOWEVER, unfortunately it was graded 27 from 100. Its contain teacher comments written by green color please read it carefully and follow his instructions although the topic is different but its same style. 
if you need any additional information do not hesitate to contact me. many thanks and best regards.


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