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Uploaded the grading rubric, plus the sample of the Nursing Care Plan you should follow. On the uploaded nursing care plan, please do not bother to write on the first 6 pages because its already done.
Patient History:
A 10 months old male came into the Emergency room with the diagnosis of ” NASAL CONGESTION”
These are the following nursing diagnosis the faculty approved as follows.

1)Ineffective Airway clearance r/t retained nasal secretions as evidenced by changes in rate of respiration of 62.

2) Risk for fluid volume deficit r/t increased metabolic demand.

3) Imbalanced nutrition: Less than body requirements r/t fatigue as evidenced by bottle feeding of 4oz in one hour.

4)Activity intolerance r/t fatigue as evidenced by respiration rate of 62.

5) Interrupted family process r/t hospitalization as evidenced by ” parent stating i won’t go to work today so i can take care of my son.

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