nvestigating the Synergistic Effects of Retention and Socioeconomic Status on Student Academic Achievement

You last worked on my dissertation back in September. I finally received my evaluation on my proposal from my committee member. The CM suggested that I go through the entire paper (see attachment) removing all those extra “that” throughout paper…as per the new APA. He marked several (but not all) of them with yellow marker. He suggests you read through slowly you will see what he means. According to CM it is a much better read without the extra “that.” Also he posited a profound thought/question; since this is a quantitative study, meaning counting numbers, are you planning to simply count the number of students who were held back…as well as count the number to see if they are rich or poor? If that is the case, do you feel this is well enough explained in the paper? Please address these concerns, and explain as he indicates. The attachment has comments from CM. Please make the suggested corrections.


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