Observation protocol

Observation protocol

Psychology and Education
It is important for aspiring administrators to understand that different school districts have different expectations with regards to both the frequency of observations and the areas that are observed and evaluated. By finding samples of protocols from various states and districts, you will begin to realize that policy and practice (instead of the principal) sometimes dictate how observations/evaluations are conducted.

For this assignment, locate 10 observation protocols utilizing research and the internet. These protocols are sometimes called observation checklists or evaluation forms. The 10 selected protocols should represent a variety of states, levels (elementary/middle/high), subject areas, and should both include public and private schools.
Create an electronic portfolio of these observational protocols and include directions for the utilization of the tool. This portfolio should be organized as one document with the last page entitled “References” and contain a list of URL links that are used in the project. The subsequent pages should be the details of all of the different protocols you found. Make this a practical assignment that can be utilized when observing and conferencing with teachers.


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