Occupational Health and Safety Management

Part 1
Write an essay (1900 words) on the following topics:
Statistics demonstrate that human failure accounts for most workplace accidents.
– Outline a range of errors and violations that have/ might have occurred in the Armed Forces Hospitals.
– Review the arrangements that are in place to prevent these errors and violations occurring and to minimize their consequences when they do occur.
– Make recommendations for the improvement and / or maintenance of the arrangements and if necessary for the introduction of new arrangements. 

Part 2
Write an essay (3900 words) considering the following:
What is the evidence that attention to human factors is an important part of the management of health and safety at work?
Using inadequate safety climate as the focus of your assignment describe how would you identify and assess the relevant human factors issues in your organization workplace (Armed Forces Hospitals).
You should include:
– Definition of Health and Safety Culture.
– What are the issues concerning Health and Safety Culture?
– How can we measure it?
– What can be done to improve it?
1. Summarize the evidence based on the research literature.
2. Describe the problem in your organization (Armed Forces Hospitals). How has it been/ could it be identified?
3. What changes could be made and how would these impacts on your organization?


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