On-line Case Study Discussions

Mrs Brody has been diagnosed with vascular dementia. Her arthritis is well managed, but her general practitioner (GP) has concerns that since her fall, Mrs Brody’s physical and cognitive frailty are increasing and the GP suggests to Mr Brody that Thora may soon need residential aged-care (nursing home).
You are a health professional visiting the Brody’s. One morning, Mr Brody tells you that Mrs Brody has refused to eat breakfast and threw the food at him. He is very upset and also tells you that Mrs Brody was awake much of the night, opening and closing the curtains, insisting that Stella (mid-forties, lives on the mainland) had not come home from school. She also told Mr Brody that there was a dog in the kitchen (which there wasn’t). Mr Brody sadly asks you why his beloved wife Thora, is doing this.

On-line Discussion QUESTION:
In your reply to Mr Brody, you will explain the domains of dementia in relation to the behaviours shown by Mrs Brody. Why would the GP suggest residential aged-care for Mrs Brody in this situation and what alternatives could be considered?

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