Write an op-ed of no less than 750 words – an editorial that contributes to the discussion of a current issue that carries exigence for the publication’s readers. The publication I will submit to is Huffington Post (we don’t actually have to submit it just that the professor wanted us to write in a style to pander to the readers of that publication).

Your op-ed should demonstrate a strong grasp of the publication’s readers and their warrants. Make a compelling argument that is exigent and timely.

Make your op-ed compelling. One where readers think about it even after they’re done reading and maybe even mention it to friends. Strive for rhetoric that will challenge readers to rethink their assumptions on an issue and understand why that rethinking matters.

This op-ed should not require any research on your part. You do not need to include a works cited page or in text citations of sources. You will however, need to make clear within the body of your text to your readers what ideas or words you borrowed from others.


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